What to Consider when Buying Color Diamonds

When buying color diamonds, you generally look for GIA-certified stones. As an investor, you want a stone that is within your budget, rare, desired, and special.  This requires you to do your homework. Below is an insight about what goes into purchasing color diamonds:


Diamonds with low clarity are not easy to sell. Lower quality color diamonds have their own place in the market but not as an investment commodity. Experts recommend getting the VS2 to ensure the stone’s clarity.


Diamond cut refers to the quality of its polish. To decide on the cut, determine if the diamond has brilliance and fire. Also, it should shine as it should. When buying the stone online, check the picture and a video to examine it thoroughly.


Keep in mind that there are hardly round color diamonds available. Color diamond shapes include princess, oval, cushion cut, and pear-shaped.

Carat Weight

If you prefer fancy yellows and browns, choose at least a 1-carat color diamond. But, it is best to get diamonds that weigh next to the classic weight steps because they might be in demand later on. If you prefer high-end diamonds such as blues, greens, purples, reds, and pinks, you can go down in weight to even 0.15 carat or less to afford them. Natural red diamonds for sale tend to get snatched almost instantly.

Keep in mind that prices of diamond increase significantly along with the weight. Thus, a half a carat pink diamond can cost five times more than an equivalent 0.20 carat since the price per carat is higher and the carat weight is 2.5 times higher.


When it comes to color diamonds, stronger is better. Also, in the higher colors, go for fancy light as your entry point. A fancy light blue that has an obvious blue color is highly on-demand because it is more affordable than fancy blue. You may not want to invest in faint and light color diamonds because their color is not easy to notice, particularly in delicate colors such as green and pink.

Whether you want to purchase a 3-carat intense yellow diamond vs2 that have no fluorescence or a 1-carat fancy pink, it is up to you. You may find certain color diamonds as the better options. It all comes down to your own preference, taste, and investment plans. With expert recommendations and your own discretions, you can choose the best color diamonds to invest in.

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